Elchim Milano

Anemos Hair Dryer Filters

Two spare filters for Anemos to keep your hairdryer always performing.

Anemos, equipped with sonic micro brushless technology, features a special filter engineered to be easily washed and replaced. Watch the video to learn how!

The pack includes two spare filters for the Anemos hair dryer and a card with a special QR code that guides you to remove and replace the filter.



To maintain the warranty validity, always keep your hair dryer’s filter clean. We recommend cleaning the filter at least once a week. Make sure to turn off the appliance, let it cool down, and disconnect it from the power source before proceeding with the cleaning. To clean the filter, unscrew the rear basket, remove the sponge filter, and wash it, preferably with warm water. Ensure that all dust, hair, and other debris are completely removed from the sponge filter. Make sure the sponge is completely dry before reinserting it into the filter basket. Close the basket by screwing it in the opposite direction. It is recommended to replace the sponge filter whenever it is damaged, has lost its initial characteristics (e.g., if it tends to crumble), or if the dirt is not easily removable with warm water, as shown in the video.

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