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Do you dream of soft and shiny hair? The revolution of your hair is Hot Honey Care.
Elchim hair dryer technology meets haircare in the innovative 3 in 1 system: drying, styling and treatment in one single pass!
The special treatment in single-use pods, combined with the use of Elchim’s hairdryers, transforms the hair while drying and styling with an immediate effect. Thanks to the innovative patented technology, the heat and airflow of the hairdryer activate the principles contained in the pod while drying, styling, and treating the hair in one quick step, with perfect uniformity and ensured wow effect.
Easy to use: a real beauty ritual in the salon or directly in the comfort of your own home for everyone. Just insert the pods in the special cosmetic concentrator compatible with several Elchim dryers and starts your blowout as usual.
Immediate effect: your hair will be visibly softer and shinier and with the desired effect. A perfect and professional hair setting even at home same as in your favorite beauty salon.
No rinsing: you can immediately enjoy your new hair.


*compatible exclusively with all Elchim hair dryers except the 2001, Milano, Dress Code and Mini models.



How to use Hot Honey Care:
Insert the HOT HONEY CARE pod inside Elchim’s compatible hair dryer concentrator*, ensuring the perfect closure of the cap. Dry and style the hair as per usual and obtain immediate results after a few minutes.

WOW EFFECT: The results are visible after a few minutes of drying. Thanks to the beneficial effects of Hot Honey Care and other professional principles, the hair is more beautiful and softer.
NATURAL CARE: Dull or frizzy hair is cared for thanks to the nutritional principles of honey, evenly distributed throughout the hair with the heat and air of Elchim’s hairdryers.
MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: Thanks to Hot Honey Care technology, which optimizes the flow of hot air, the Hot Honey Care treatment is evenly distributed over the lengths, unlike masks, sprays or balms applied separately. All this without weighting down the hair.
TIME-SAVING: No further steps or rinsing: Hot Honey Care is activated immediately, drying, and treating your hair in one single step while reducing drastically styling time.
EASY STYLING: Softer hair also means easy for professional and flawless styling.

1 Hot Honey Care concentrator for Elchim hairdryers

*compatible exclusively with all Elchim hair dryers except the 2001, Milano, Dress Code and Mini models.

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