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Come dare volume ai capelli: 5 segreti di bellezza

Is having voluminous hair your dream? Knowing how to give volume to the hair is a priority of all those women with flat and fine hair, who dream of having fabulous hair.

We have great news for you: Getting volume can be easier than you think. Here are five beauty secrets you can put into practice now to say goodbye to flat hair forever.

The golden rules for having voluminous hair

Do you want to get super voluminous hair without resorting to extensions? If you’ve been fighting for years with limp locks and bangs strictly attached to your forehead, here are five tricks to rock this trend and have wow hair.

# 1 – Change the line

Our hairstylists know: by changing the line of your hair, the results can be incredible.
If you are used to parting your hair in the centre, try doing it differently. The choices can be many: you can try a side parting, a zig-zag or, even, avoid the parting and tease the hair on the top of the head. This way, you can instantly add more volume and make your hair look fuller.

# 2 – Play with cut and color

The color and cut of your hair can make a difference and immediately give you different proportions. For example, shades of the hair like shatush or balayage make your hair look more voluminous. To give your hair movement, you can play with a layering and a curly or wavy style.

The change can be radical. See for yourself:


# 3 – Dry your hair the right way

Hair drying is crucial for obtaining voluminous hair. Even more important is having a quality hairdryer. To add volume to your hair, you can dry it upside down using an Elchim hair dryer from the 8th Sense line. What makes them unique?

  • Drying times reduced by up to 50%: you can have perfect hair in half the time.
  • Light and easy to handle: drying will become a ritual you won’t be able to live without.
  • They do not damage the hair: they are designed for damaged and delicate hair. The Ionic & Ceramic system protects the hair from excess heat, dries it uniformly from the inside to the outside and enhances its shine.

# 4 – Experiment with new styles

If you want to give your hair a little movement, you can bet everything on a slightly “dishevelled” styling, which enhances the thickness of the hair. An example? A messy chignon like this:


# 5 – Your trick up your sleeve

The last beauty secret we suggest is a real trick up your sleeve, which can radically transform your hair. The name? Hot Honey Care!

Hot Honey Care is the innovative 3 in 1 system for drying, styling and treatment in a single pass. This revolutionary treatment transforms the hair during drying and makes it softer and shinier.
Unlike masks, sprays or conditioners, the Hot Honey Care treatment spreads perfectly on the lengths and does not require further steps or rinses and also does not weigh down the hair. Operation is straightforward: add the special concentrator nozzle to your Elchim hairdryer, in which to insert the capsules which, in contact with the heat of the hairdryer, will release its active ingredients during drying.

Hot Honey Care is available in two variants of pods, to satisfy every desire: Sublime Liss smoothing (for dull and dry hair) and Supreme Glossy (for frizzy hair).

Discover Hot Honey Care now on the Elchim online store or in specialized stores.

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