Elchim Milano

Professional Hair Dryers

79 years of experience in manufacturing in Italy hair dryers engineered for professional use and built to last long. Elchim hair dryers, lightweight and ergonomic, always ensure a professional hairstyle and shiny and healthy hair, cutting drastically drying time.


Anemos is an ancient Greek word, which means wind. Anemos is not only a concentrate of lightweight, beyond all imagination, it is a performing and precise tool with its micro-brushless digital motor with sonic technology, silent and powerful with the strongest and thickest hair, delicate with the finest ones.


Professional hairstylists know how important a powerful, fast and lightweight dryer is which saves time and seals perfectly the cuticles preserving hair integrity.


Xlite has a highly technological heart, an Italian brushless digital motor that combines lightness, power and a great life span that was previously not even thinkable for a professional hairdryer.

3900 Healthy Ionic

Powerful and effective: thanks to the right combination of air and heat and its power, it reduces drying times by 30%. Silent, light and perfectly balanced, its air flow hydrates and makes hair shiny, eliminating electrostatic charges thanks to the ionic ceramic system.

3900 Light Ionic

Lightweight but with more than enough power that allows this professional hair dryer to create perfect hairstyles in half the time and leave hair shiny, thanks to the ionic ceramic system.

Milano Ceramic

The Milano dryer is our tribute to the world capital of fashion and design: classic size, minimal-chic design. Result of an advanced research on the air flow dynamic, the Milano provides more heat and pressure than the traditional dryers and it is the ideal tool to straight even the frizziest hair.

2001 High Pressure

The 2001 is a true classic, the two-time winner of the prestigious “Allure Best” prize, the best hair dryer according to Life & Style and the “Best Beauty Buy” for the magazine InStyle USA. Two speeds, five temperatures, high-pressure air compression technology, reliable and efficient. It has been adopted by many hair stylists and schools thanks to the long life of its motor, which guarantees 2000 working hours.

Dress Code

Versatile and easy to use. Dress Code lets you treat your hair like a professional without having to be one. It smoothes even the curliest hair, leaving it bright and shiny.


Mini is your inseparable travel hairdryer: all the power and performance you are looking for by Elchim in a small, foldable hairdryer that you will never give up.

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