Elchim Milano

Paddle brush

The detangling brush that protects the hair and scalp.

Made of genuine wood with Italian craftsmanship, it has unique features.

Handmade in Italy

  • Specially designed wooden pins to help detangle hair quickly
  • A large pneumatic natural rubber cushion, enabling it to self-adapt to the head’s curvature avoiding strain on the hair
  • Unique positioning of the pins allows the brush to glide through the hair, ensuring a longer lasting, voluminous hairstyle
  • Manufactured out of wood, including the brush pins, it has antistatic features; suitable for every type of hair, including the finest. It removes the electrostatic charges from hair and respects hair integrity
  • The round design of the wooden pins reactivates the scalp’s blood circulation and avoids cuticle damage while gently massaging the scalp
  • Entirely handcrafted with green materials, the brush is 100% recyclable
  • Hypoallergenic.


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